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PowerShrink Coupon

PowerShrink Discount Coupon Code

PowerShrink coupon code

PowerShrink –

PowerShrink compresses PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF and image files by 50-98% without zipping. The software has a brand new comfortable user interface. and lets you optimize the size of your Microsoft Office files (97-2010), Adobe PDF as well as your JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and EMF files without changing the native file format of the original file. The optimization is visually lossless preserving the original visual quality of a file at all times. There are new and improved predefined compression levels to choose from. Should this not suit your need you can easily define your own custom settings. A brand new Search Wizard has been included to help you find the files you want to optimze based on your needs which you can freely define with the custom search filters. Select Size, Date or File Type or mix them freely to get the results you need. Compress all your files in batch to save time. Simply drag all the files you need to compress into PowerShrink and optimize. Size does matter start using PowerShrink NOW!

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Pczealous Locker Coupon

Pczealous Locker Discount Coupon Code

Pczealous Locker coupon code

Pczealous Locker –

Lockers is a most stealth mode feature can efficiently hide all the traces of Folder Lock ever been installed on your PC.You can create as many Lockers as you want. Different users can create different Lockers with different passwords as well Folder Lock is two-in-one file locking and file encryption software that lets you choose either to encrypt using 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption or lock files, folders and drives anywhere on your computer. Each Locker can contain your encrypted files as well as your personal list of your locked items.

Furthermore, Folder Lock comes with additional features which no other file encryption software offer like hack monitoring, stealth mode, data shredding, auto protection, portable USB autoplay support, history cleaning and virtual keyboard. This can enhance file locking and encryption beyond anything ever achieved. In addition, a Locker can’t be renamed, moved or deleted without a correct password to prevent data loss.

Super File Encryption is a powerful and easy-to-use program for encrypting and protecting your data perfect for offices that need to keep important documents secure. Super File Encryption adds a context menu entry to all files and folders. To encrypt or decrypt files/folder, simply right-click on the files/folder in Explorer and select Encrypt or Decrypt command. The software also enables you to have secure e-mail communication over the Internet, preventing unauthorized persons reading attached files.

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FileStream TurboZIP Coupon

FileStream TurboZIP Discount Coupon Code

FileStream TurboZIP coupon code

FileStream TurboZIP –

In addition to opening all popular compression formats, you can use TurboZIP to save archives anywhere you want. You can use its auto scan to catalog your archives from your hard disks, USB flash drives, CD/DVD, external drives, or on the network. The catalog serves not only as history but also as a directory for your archived files, photos, music, and documents. It is much easier to find files in catalog instead of having to go through piles of CDs, DVDs, Memory Sticks, even when they are not in the drives, or archived files scattered all over your computer and network.

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TM Encryptor Coupon

TM Encryptor Discount Coupon Code

TM Encryptor coupon code

TM Encryptor –

By using TM Encryptor you can encrypt and decrypt any files without any limitation. It is super-fast and can do the process very quick.
The encrypted files do not dependent on operating system and if you copy them to another operating system the encryption will not bothered.
You can select files easily and some time with just one click!
Inside the application you can view all types of images and open or auto open another file types rapidly.
Also you can save all your passwords on the database with high security level.

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WeZip Easy Coupon

WeZip Easy Discount Coupon Code

WeZip Easy coupon code

WeZip Easy –

WeZip Easy is the world’s easiest free file compression software. Zip and unzip files in simple and quick steps. Everyone including novice could use it without any difficulty. There are many features specially designed for novice, and from very beginning, we have simplicity in our mind.


Incredible Easy

With WeZip Easy, If you want to decompress a file, all you need to do is just double click the file. That’s it. No extra knowledge. No more steps. Just like a warm breeze caresses your face, then you get the files inside an archive. If you want to compress, it is pretty easy too.

Tons of File Formats Support

WeZip Easy supports a lot of file formats. With WeZip Easy, you’ve got no need to worry about whether you can open a file or not. We are always at your hand.

Supported File Formats

  • Zip (.zip)
  • RAR (.rar)
  • 7Z (.7z)
  • LHA/LZH (.lha, .lzh)
  • Cabinet (.cab)
  • Disc Image (.img, .iso)
  • TAR (.tar)
  • GZIP (.gz, .taz, .tgz)
  • Compress (.tz, .z)
  • and many other compressed files

Unique Smart Features ( Only available in Unlimited Version )

  • Smart Protection

WeZip Eazy can smartly protect you from dangerous files inside an archive.

  • Smart Install

WeZip Eazy can smartly detect installer inside an archive, and help your to install the application.

  • Smart Starter

WeZip Eazy can smartly detect application inside an archive, and help you to start the application.


Everything is designed specially for you.

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FileStream TurboZIP Express (Deutsche version) Coupon

FileStream TurboZIP Express (Deutsche version) Discount Coupon Code

FileStream TurboZIP Express (Deutsche version) coupon code

FileStream TurboZIP Express (Deutsche version) –

TurboZIP Express ist uberaus schnell, und durch die ansprechende Bedienoberflache macht laßt einen Spaß ander Arbeit haben. Zusatzlich zu den bequem zu bedienenden Symbolen fur die wichtigsten Befehle ist das Programm gut in den Windows Explorer eingebunden – somit lassen sich viele Dateioperationen durchfuhren, ohne TurboZIP Express uberhaupt starten zu mussen! Naturlich bietet TurboZIP Express wichtige Features wie volle Drag&Drop Unterstutzung und Kontexmenus.

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FileStream TurboZIP Express Coupon

FileStream TurboZIP Express Discount Coupon Code

FileStream TurboZIP Express coupon code

FileStream TurboZIP Express –

Does your old Zip program allow you to open archive only one at a time? Did you ever unzip, edit, then rezip your files? If so, try this easiest next generation multiple thread program for faster speed, higher compression, and In-Zip editing! It handles multiple Zip’s just like one!

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