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Xilisoft Transfert iPhone Photo Coupon

Xilisoft Transfert iPhone Photo Discount Coupon Code

Xilisoft Transfert iPhone Photo coupon code

Xilisoft Transfert iPhone Photo –

Now introduce Xilisoft iPhone Photo Transfer, the most convenient iPhone photo transfer tool with which it comes so easy to copy all the photos shot by iPhone to your PC and vice versa, share them instantly with your friends and family anywhere.

As a photo album manager as well, Xilisoft iPhone Photo Transfer also enables you to create new albums, move some photos from one album to another and even set one selected photo as the album cover. Compatible with all iPhone models even the latest iPhone 4 and CDMA iPhone 4. Support connecting multiple devices simultaneously, you are able to transfer photos between different iPhone, share perfect moments with your friends immediately!

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Sothink Logo Maker Professional Coupon

Sothink Logo Maker Professional Discount Coupon Code

Sothink Logo Maker Professional coupon code

Sothink Logo Maker Professional –

All-round graphic and logo design software, helps you create awesome logos and vector artworks like professionals. Benefiting from smart drawing pens, color schemes, rich effects and build-in symbols, it becomes fairly easy and comfortable to design logos for Web and print. Save you more time and energy than other illustrator and drawing tools.

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ISU Flash Extractor Coupon

ISU Flash Extractor Discount Coupon Code

ISU Flash Extractor coupon code

ISU Flash Extractor –

ISU Flash Extractor is a great flash decompiling tool to let users extract all Flash resources like shapes, images, texts, sounds, videos, sprites and ActionScript from SWF files.You can easily convert Flash resources to FLA and all other formats you like , for other uses. Plus, ICU Flash decomopiler have a uniquely strong one-click-export function which supports exporting all Flash resources for your own use in clicks!
The features of ISU Flash Extractor:
1.Extract all Flash resources like: shapes, images, texts, sounds, videos, sprites, ActionScript with no difficulty.
2.Convert Flash Resoures to FLA file for your own use.
3.Convert Flash resources to all other formats.
4.Support Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 and ActionScript 2.0/3.0.
5.Able to get XFL file from Flash CS5 SWF.
6.One-click-export function to export all Flash resources.
7.Popular Office 2007 interface.

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Mosaic Creator Lite Coupon

Mosaic Creator Lite Discount Coupon Code

Mosaic Creator Lite coupon code

Mosaic Creator Lite –

Mosaic Creator is professional photo mosaic and mosaic tile tool. Create your custom photographics mosaics as unique gifts. Specific for Mosaic Creator are optional non rectangular pattern cell shapes. The Mosaic Wizard simplifies the process of mosaic definition. Render many types of mosaics:

  • Photographic mosaics or random mosaics
  • Tile mosaics form glass, ceramic, stones or quilts
  • Web thumbnail gallery
  • Video mosaics
  • Text mosaics
  • ASCII Art

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