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ExhibitViewTM PC 4.2 ($499.00) Coupon

ExhibitViewTM PC 4.2 ($499.00) Discount Coupon Code

ExhibitViewTM PC 4.2 ($499.00) coupon code

ExhibitViewTM PC 4.2 ($499.00) –

ExhibitView 4.2 PC is a rich multi-media software solution to organize & manage exhibits, review, share, collaborate and visualize your case early and present in and out of court.

Organize, Create & Present. ExhibitView’;s tools includes “SlideMaker” slide creation, add & organize documents in “Hot Docs” folders or witness folders, organize pictures, and video clips; featuring “drag & drop” presentation in any of 3 logical display zones. Mark up and highlighting; working with and pre-annotating transcripts and other exhibits, bookmarking a/v clips; Working with case data early on gives allows you to visualize your case presentation early on, during discocvery, at mediation and of course in trial!

In the Office, In the Courtroom, One Solution!

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