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PDFZilla(Commercial) Coupon

PDFZilla(Commercial) Discount Coupon Code

PDFZilla(Commercial) coupon code

PDFZilla(Commercial) –

PDFZilla is a desktop application that quickly and accurately convert PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files. PDFZilla supports most of popular formats: DOC, RTF, TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, HTML, SWF formats.

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Spreadsys Ticker Coupon

Spreadsys Ticker Discount Coupon Code

Spreadsys Ticker coupon code

Spreadsys Ticker – Spreadsys Ticker is smart system with simple approach to help broadcasting news, managing links and getting users attention with moving text, blinking appearance or popup dialog.

News messages distributed via Microsoft Windows sharing folder, you can easily configure user privilege with existing domain user account. Spreadsys also works with offline PC (e.g. Plasma TV for information center/kiosk)

Features of this smart system includes:
* News priority level with customized colors
* Breaking news / pop-up message
* Dynamic links collection
* Adjustable bar position
* Horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling model
* Scrolling speed adjustment
* Customizable image for separator between news
* Server offline detection
* Dual monitor support

Spreadsys Ticker will deliver news across your internal network and show it directly on employee desktop, making sure that everyone gets the message.

Up to 10 News Folders can be configured with different user privilege (e.g. IT Department News, HR Department News, etc), with natively 100% compatible with existing domain user name / MS Active Directory.

News stored with built-in encryption.

If you choose to use Spreadsys Ticker System for your information monitor/kiosk, you can control your news without having to manually control the terminal and put scheduled news when it need to be showed and expired. Perfect for Plasma TV Monitor.

Extra feature which taking care dynamic links able to provide web links or files location directed to your network and make it available to every Ticker client.

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PDF Merger Coupon

PDF Merger Discount Coupon Code

PDF Merger coupon code

PDF Merger –

  • Able to select merging methods for each imported PDF file flexibly.
  • Merge selected pages or page ranges from multi-page PDF files.
  • Multiple partial selection options: All, Odd, Even, Part (e.g.:1,3,5,8).
  • Select page sort to merge multiple PDF pages: sequence or reverse.
  • Support merging selected PDF pages alternately.

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Simple Shop Coupon

Simple Shop Discount Coupon Code

Simple Shop coupon code

Simple Shop –

Utilizing a point of sale (POS) system is critical for any type of business. There are dozens of benefits to these programs aside from the time and money that they save business owners. With so many different POS programs to choose from it is often hard to determine which will be the best for your business. Simple Shop POS software is a unique program that offers all of the benefits of a high end program in an easy to use, reliable interface that any business owner can navigate and benefit from.

SIMPLE SHOP teaser 2013

Features of Simple Shop

From the moment you open Simple Shop you will feel at ease with its basic interface. Tabs at the top direct business owners to inserting employee information, adding invoices to be paid, processing orders and managing online shopping carts. This Windows compatible program is designed to work with any type of POS printer which means there will never be new computers or printers to purchase. Additionally, Simple Shop caters to business owners around the world with its multi-language option. Regardless of whether you operate a bakery, a processing plant or a small hair salon; Simple Shop can offer the POS features you need in this all-in-one software.

Benefits of Simple Shop

Need a reason to love Simple Shop? Here are some of the benefits that business owners can expect when they choose Simple Shop POS software:

  • Improved customer relations through better communication and order processing.
  • Impressive customer service through an easy to use interface that keeps employees working instead of navigating the screen.
  • Easy invoicing with the all-in-one approach that allows Simple Shop to manage eCommerce shopping carts, input invoices and email or fax work orders all at once.
  • Invoice management which means that no invoice will be forgotten to be paid or billed to the client.
  • Sales trend monitoring through the system data collection which will track spending trends for your business and its customers to help you be more efficient.
  • Increased efficiency and less stress, time and money because Simple Shop handles all of the backend aspects of running your business.
  • Easily produce POS bills, A4 Bills, A4 Proforma Invoices.
  • RFID Card Detection

License Options and Other details

Simple Shop features a Normal License that has no time limit on use and a variety of added possibilities which include:

  • RFID License with no time limit
  • Custom License Text with no time limit
  • Lease or Rental with a time limit
  • Access Control
  • Exchange rate
  • Media Player
  • Diagram
  • Faxing
  • E-mailer
  • Email tools
  • Password generator
  • Encryptor
  • CRM solution

Simple Shop has been published by RED ZION d.o.o. and is available for sale and download through Avangate.

This program is the best choice for POS programs because it is universal and compatible. Licensed users will receive all new functions and upgrades to the program on a weekly basis. Simple Shop is also the most affordable POS system that does not require any prior knowledge or learning to operate. There are a variety of tools for creating reports and making bills as well. Simple Shop supports CubeCart, VirtueMart, osCommerce and Drupal as part of its eCommerce shopping cart management feature. Finally, Simple Shop also offers top notch customer service to clients all over the world.

Free add-ons included:
E-mailer (free bulk mass sending emails – free & easy to use emailing software marketing blaster)
YouTube promotial video:
YouTube promotial video:
Diagram (writting, creating, free software)
YouTube promotial video:
and others..

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Maritime Software Suite – Site License Coupon

Maritime Software Suite – Site License Discount Coupon Code

Maritime Software Suite - Site License coupon code

Maritime Software Suite – Site License –

Maritime Software Suite is a user-friendly Draft Survey, Lashing Calculations and Route Planning software for Ships’ Officers and Marine Surveyors. Maritime Software Suite is easily operated using either Keyboard or Mouse. It complies with the latest UN ECE standards and MSC “Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing” (2003 Edition) (Annex 13) for Draught Surveying and can print to all standard printer types. Maritime Software Suite consists of three independent parts: Draft Survey, Lashing Calc, Route Planner.

Draft Survey – Draft Survey calculations
(Calculation program for Merchant Navy)
Key features of the Draft Survey:
· 2 modes of calculation – MANUAL or AUTO.
· Unique feature: to receive necessary accuracy of calculation it is necessary to enter only 35 lines of values into the Hydrostatic Table which correspond to various condition of a vessel. Intermediate values (corresponding to actual mean draft of a vessel) will be received by interpolation.
· Initial Survey, with calculation of constant and full report and saving to file.
· Final and/or Intermediate Survey with full report and saving to file.
· Easy hydrostatic tables interpolator; to reduce errors and provide very fast entry of data.
· Extensive help available throughout the program.
· Metric surveys.
· Storage and automatic usage of hull hydrostatic data; especially useful for Surveyors who have regularly calling ships or Ship’s officers assigned to one ship.
· During entry of the Survey you can go back and change any entered value at any time.
· Produce a one page Report.
· Entry of Ship Name, Voyage number etc at start of Survey for ease of use.
· Export to text file for later printing or editing in your Word processor or ransmission by e-mail.
· Ballast table.

Lashing Calc – Lashing calculations
Key features of the Lashing Calc:
· Lashing Calc is a calculation tool for evaluation of semi- and non-standardized securing arrangements.
· Lashing Calculations calculates accelerations and balance of forces in semi- and non-standardized lashing arrangements in accordance with annex 13 to the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (the CSS code) from IMO.

Route Planner – Course and Distance calculations (Waypoint editor)
(SOLAS Passage Plans and Route Planner)
Route Planner – Course and Distance calculations (Waypoint editor)
Production of a passage plan prior to departure is a legal requirement. Route Planner assists in the preparation of passage plans by allowing you to prepare, calculate and print full featured passage plan.
Key features of the Route Planner:
· Course calculations.
· Distance calculations.
· Waypoint editor.
· Route print.
· Route export.

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DEEP BEAM Discount Coupon Code

DEEP BEAM coupon code


Design of reinforced concrete Deep Beams according to ACI318-08 metric.

This program designs deep beams (span to depth ratio <4) based on the full implementation of the Strut-and-Tie method as described in Appendix A of ACI318-08. Yes it is real, the problematic design of deep beams is now possible thanks to the innovative use of the STM without any approximation. Design with few clicks deep beams of any height (it could be a bearing wall with a large opening at the ground floor) submitted to uniform, trapezoidal loads or a concentrated force. Extensive design note is generated where the verifications of struts, ties and nodes of any shape are performed! The programs respects the minimal allowable inclination angle of struts, and if not respected it automatically generates a new truss system with more members added in order to match Code requirements. It is not all! finally with one click a CAD drawings is created. This is what we mean with our new approach to structural programs.

The main interface of the program

A small sample from the calculation notes

CAD compatible drawing generated by the program

Please try the Demo Version and note that:

  • There is a limitation on concrete and steel materials characteristics

  • Demo version does not produce design note neither drawings.

Full version comes with a computer-bonded license. You cannot run your software on a PC
other than the one on which it was initially installed.
For more Infos please read the “Legal Notes” located in the “Support” menu.

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